Hi, my name is Adler Medrado and this is my little piece of turf.

About me

I have 20+ years of experience in IT. Working with computers since my teenage, when I built my own BBS using an PC/AT 386 running MS-DOS and Remote Access, moving after to the IBM OS/2 Warp and Windows 95 and started to learn linux at late 90s and early 00s.

My motto is: If I don’t know it, I can learn it. I’m a self-taught, I like to study and develop my own solutions.

I’m a problem solver who likes the challenging atmosphere of the startups, also like to work with smart people.

I have experience across the financial, internet, e-commerce, government, healthcare and crypto industries working as developer, techlead, architect and more.

Currently I’m graduating in History at Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul.

Programming is not only a skill but my passion.

Below you can find more about me, if you’re interested.


I try to avoid social networks, but I don’t always make it, so you can find me at the networks below:


I have accounts in some instant messaging services and we can’t trust if they protect our privacy, so if you want to talk to me privately, I think that an PGP encrypted email is the safest way.



Eventually I’m online at tilde.team’s IRC channels.


I like communities like sdf.org (Public Access UNIX System) and tilde.team (Tildeverse), so you can find me there too.