My name is Adler Medrado and this is my personal blog.

I am a programmer who lives in São Paulo from where I work remotely mainly using Python, Django, PostgreSQL and other technologies.

I am a husband and father who seeks to live a simple and fair life with my family.

I'm also an open-source enthusiast, Zend Certified Engineer for PHP 5, PHP 5.3 and Zend Framework.

You can find some of my repositories on Github, read some random tweets, or check out my LinkedIn profile.

Contacting me is easy through the contact page.

As it should have been clear, this space is mine, it is me who pays all the expenses necessary to keep it in the air and I am the sole responsible for what is posted here, thus:

  • In spite of my professional relationships, this blog is solely and exclusively mine, having no link with any employer I have ever had, I have or companies that I am a partner. Everything that is published here is my opinion only and if I ever expose any opinion that is also of any employer or partner, I will use the channels of these entities to publish them and not my blog;
  • It is possible that certain opinions of mine are completely opposite yours and believe: This is something healthy;
  • You can use the comments area to leave your opinion about something I wrote, however, if it is something you really want to discuss, I suggest you create a blog post exposing your ideas, it'll be better;
  • If I offend you, be sure it was not something personal and please let me know, preferably by email;

I hope you find something here that might be useful. I'll be happy to know if that happens.